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About Limousines Dubai

Limousines Dubai is a one-stop solution where luxury meets comfort when it comes to booking car hire. Since its inception, it has been a reliable and trustworthy name in the Dubai market for car rental services. The readily available and professional assistance with our service dedication helps us serve clients better.

At Limousines Dubai, we focus on redefining the transportation journey. It is more than just traveling from one point to another and the experience is the main thing that lasts longer. By maintaining a high level and assured service, we have been offering varied clients’ needs for rental services in and around Dubai for years now. Our team is growing towards offering an experience that is a perfect combination of a seamless and comfortable journey.

Our Value System

At Limousines Dubai, we can deliver exceptional rental care assistance, no matter where you wish to travel in Dubai. Clients can trust our promises as they include:

  • Offering punctual and on-time transportation service
  • It provides ease of online booking from its portal
  • Clients can ask for personalised rental service
  • There is transparency in the rental rates
  • The trained and skillful chauffeurs can deliver an enjoyable and comfortable ride


Our vision is to be a premier and comfortable choice when it comes to booking online rental car services in Dubai. We adhere to top safety and comfort standards and ensure to deliver hassle-free assistance for any kind of transportation service. We value and understand the need to travel timely to places, and this is where we are trying our best to implement technology to track and update clients regarding travel experiences.


At Limousines Dubai, we want to take car rental service to new heights, for the convenience of clients. We are planning to deliver custom-made service, as per client’s needs, with our premium car service. By introducing a fleet of cars, we have elevated the standard of our rental care service in and across Dubai with expert drivers. We believe in delivering affordable assistance without compromising on the quality of rental rides.

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